Morning Light 

         ~ Answers from The Spiritual Realm

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Do you want to know what happens when we die or is there really an afterlife?

Do you wonder what  our reason is for being here or why am I finding life so hard?

Are you worried about someone who has passed over or whats happened to them 

And s it possible for you to contact your passed loved ones and get some reassurance?

Are you stuck in grief and feel such a sense of loss that you are unable to move forward in life?

Do you want to know about your child who died at birth or was its soul there during an abortion?

All these questions and many more can be answered here.

I work with a combination of automatic writing and connecting with my spirit guide. Once I start writing time loses meaning for me and the words just flow out like water

I also have knowledge with helping people with out of balance bodies in our sugar filled world and body ailments such as psoriatic arthritis, hypoglycemia and diabetes. I have an affordable book coming soon in my store on helping to heal your body and another book on communication, growth and common problems in relationships

I can tell you exactly how to contact your own spirit guide and make sure you dont contact any mischievous energies that are floating around in the ether

I look forward to helping you in your journey and creating a healthier and more joyous life

Some people think this work should be free which I do with those close to me. But it takes some focus, energy and a lot of time from my life so some financial reward is appreciated. I will be working  hard for you dont worry!

$25 NZ   ~   1 or 2 Questions answered and some advice

$45 NZ   ~   A Standard in depth reading answering all your questions

I will need a list of questions you would like answered and your first name or gender

Telling me what your current challenges are in life will give you a better answer

All questions need to be sincere 

For a more in depth response you can add a brief description about your life and any major events that have impacted you. 

A photo is a nice touch but not essential

Morning Light