Morning Light 

         ~ Answers from The Spiritual Realm

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About Me

Ive practised Transcendental Meditation form age 17. Ive been on workshops on Chakra Healing, Tantric Healing and healing childhood hurt by Psychologist Stephan Khalert who spent 9 years teaching at Oshos Retreat in Poona, India. Ive taken part in Domain Shift, Mt Shasta 40 Point Angelic Cleansing, Rebirthing sessions, Healing Your Inner child, Anger Management Therapy

Since then Ive learnt how to work with my spirit guide. Ive discovered secrets that we arent really supposed to know. This doesnt make me special. I  have to do the same work as everyone else to evolve and get better. I dont believe there is an easy way around this for any of us. Souls learn slowly and usually by making a lot of mistakes! Ive always had an undeveloped clairaudient ability. Sometimes voices boom out  and Ive lost count of the number of times Ive woken up with someone banging a bell inside my head or calling out to me

From a very young age Ive spent a lot of time on my own. 

Ive suffered major loss a few times in my life and I know what its like to become totally devastated by it, moving forward in life like a zombie while your emotions are numb or swirling around inside you. It can be hard to pick yourself up and see a way to move forward.  We all need help sometimes.

At age 12 I found solace in the hills. I found the energy of these wild places called me and in a way it nurtured me. At age 18 I climbed Mt Cook 5 times in 6 months and did 19 ascents in just over a year at Aoraki National Park. I felt I could do almost anything physically with my body and 2 years later I retired from high alpine climbing. I couldn’t see the point in climbing harder routes and taking more risks.

Ive always said its only a small shift in the way we think and act between being sane and going crazy. Theres something to be said for taking the middle road and not going to extremes. The mountains, though beautiful with their feminine energy  could also be cold and brutal. Death was an ever present danger. I learnt to feel out situations before I committed myself to a dangerous section. By getting fully in touch with my inner self I knew if I would be okay or not

I lived for the times when I was up high in that rarefied air which seemed to fill you with its pure energy. I felt a sense of achievement but I knew that deep inside me there were issues to deal with and I wasn’t complete

After the mountains I became interested in what happens to us after we die. Do we have a soul and do we live on? This seemed like an even bigger adventure. And so I went out to experience life, living, working and travelling around the South Island, and always seeking answers

But it seemed that before I went up I had to go down, down into the black depths of despair and spiral of self pity. Jesus said you have to become a sinner before you can become a Saint. Maybe there is some truth in that. It took me a long time but I saw my pattern where I would plummet into this black spiral of self pity. The problem with lapses such as this is we get used to it and it becomes a pattern. We feel comfortable with putting ourselves down and even get off on it a bit. It can be a pattern thats hard to break. I did many workshops and learnt how to release my anger. I learnt a  technique to find answers from people who either didnt want to meet you or werent on this earth anymore.

Ive had a few profound psychic experiences. Once a passed climber came and talked to me for 10 minutes in the middle of the day. He walked off a long green, grassy mound, shining in mist and he was dressed  in a white robe. I felt self conscious as I knew my grief and regret had been noticed by him. His basic message was that he was fine. That he’d made mistakes but  was working on them now, and I needed to concern myself with my own life and focus on that

Lately Ive been focusing more on connection with my spirit guide, asking and receiving messages and a more comprehensive study of the afterlife.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and helping you on your journey

Morning Light

How Do I know What Youre 

Telling Me Is True?

When I ask for answers I am in a place without ego where I have already made a connection with my own spirit guide and higher power. I ask for guidance and assistance in helping my client and for any particular messages for them to help them overcome any challenge in their life.

Every message is unique and tailored to whoever Im helping. Though  some of my answers such as how to connect with your spirit guide and when souls enter the body are generic and apply to everyone. All souls have to learn these same lessons. But these answers took me forty years to get and at the start I knew nothing.

How can you get proof my messages are true?

Most of what I say you will know its true as you will feel its truth resonate deep inside your being, and it will work like a key unlocking your inner potential, inspiring you to better your life. Some of what I say may stretch you. Because the truth is, if you haven’t done the study and work to prepare yourself for this knowledge you wont be able to absorb it. It will seem unbelievable and it may go straight over your head.

But if I sat with you for 10 minutes I could probably prove that you have psychic abilities yourself. Have you ever had a premonition that something was going to happen? Or had a dream of something and soon after your dream that event happened? Or had a coincidence take place that brought you something good in your life? That’s angels or advanced souls working on your behalf. Sometimes its just a knowing and you don’t know why, that voice inside you.

Of course it’s the challenges and sorrow we have in our lives that usually leave us wondering, why me? And this is where I can help

The great poet Tennyson once recommended that when people are encountering new thoughts or ideas they should practise ‘temporary suspension of disbelief’. Because if you disbelieve it from the start then you most likely wont learn anything. But if you open your mind and say:

“Well lets just try just believing it for a while and see what happens?”

Then at least you are opening yourself up to any new possibilities

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